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The Benefits of Baby Massage

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Baby Massage has so many amazing benefits, I'm so passionate about people becoming more informed about the transformational effects baby massage can have on both you and your baby.

When you massage your baby you are instantly creating a connection and bond with them that can last a lifetime. The special moments that you spend massaging your baby are such a fantastic way to step away from the distractions of day to day life and really tune in to, and focus on reading your baby's cues and learning what they love and don't like so much. During massage you create a bubble of love that you and your baby become encompassed in, its really beautiful to watch so many mothers and babies in my classes bonding with their baby in such a wonderful way.

When you massage your baby you facilitate the release of the amazing hormone Oxytocin, this hormone is otherwise known as the love hormone. Releasing Oxytocin can help both you and your baby feel calmer, more connected and better equipped to create a loving bond. All of this should lead to you feeling more confident as a parent, and more confident knowing that you have the power to soothe and calm your little love simply with your touch and your calming voice. I find the gift of touch truly remarkable, I honestly can't believe the power that touch has on transforming our babies brains and how it can mould their whole future.

Baby massage also has lots of health benefits, it can help your baby feel calmer so can lead to them sleeping better, it can help alleviate pains such as wind, colic and teething pains. The soothing touch that you provide during massage can really help your baby with all these things.

Baby massage classes can also provide a real sense of community with the mums that attend, giving them the opportunity to share their experiences, both good and bad, share hints and tips, build friendships and create tribes that I believe no mama can live without. Every mama is a warrior and I believe every warrior needs a great group of women stood by her side to help wipe away the inevitable tears from her face and the sick from her shoulder.

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