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Mama's Mindfulness® brings

Hypno Birth And Be You

to The Basement Snug

Hypnobirthing is the perfect tool for every birth - whether you hope to give birth at home, in a birth centre or in a hospital. Whether you're opting to birth vaginally OR are planning an abdominal birth. Hypnobirthing will help YOU to prepare mentally for YOUR birth, whatever your ideal birth may be.


My Mission

After running my postnatal business for nearly 3 years & empowering families once they have birthed their child AND after hearing many birthing stories during my time teaching (I teach around 60 families per week so have heard many a story!) I decided it was time to help empower you, BEFORE your baby arrives so that you have the knowledge & power to make informed choices right from the get go, so that you have the tools & techniques to birth the way that most suits you and your growing family.

My Vision

I wanted to train with a company that felt totally aligned to my growing business and my core values and so I feel very lucky to have found The Calm Birth School, a training provider that is inclusive, up to date and who truly values what it is that YOU want YOUR birth to look like, not a preconceived version of what we feel birth “should” look like.


I am so happy to be able support you and teach you the very logical and science based “magic” of hypnobirthing and watch as you retrain your brain in order to see birth for exactly what it can be instead of what the media & tv has led us to believe it will be. 

My small & supportive sessions are held in the stunning & comfy Basement Snug right in the heart of Kenilworth. 


I am a certified hypnobirthing instructor with the incredible

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